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  • (2020-07-11) Letter to Mosaic Forest Management re future logging near Missing Links and Eagle Ridge Trail

    Jim Leishman


    Mosaic Forest Management Mosaic Forest Management

    Vice President of Forest & Logistics  President & CEO Jeffery Zweig

    Chief Forester Domenico Iannidinardo

    As Mosaic Forest Management’ has expressed an interest in BC’s wild West Coast in the form of a photo contest I draw your attention to such a scene, a recent photo representing a Quadra Island wild place TFL47 that is regarded by Quadra Islanders and visitors as particularly “special”.



    Missing Link Watershed enjoying beaver dam wetland


    This image was taken as visitors followed the layout of a cutting boundary only a couple of meters from the photographer. The proposed boundary is blatantly in contravention of regulations and does not bode well in terms of excellent practices nor excellence in attention to environmental certification guidelines.

    A forest company demonstrating leadership and commitment to environmentally-responsible stewardship might recognize that the mosaic pattern of recent TFL 47 cut blocks are now intersecting the pattern of urban development on Quadra Island This intersection is presently an issue to be addressed.

    Referring to most any guide to tourism or recreation for Quadra Island would indicate that the current and proposed timber harvesting of Public Crown Land TFL 47 encompasses portions of three of the seven listed accessible hiking areas in the southerly mapped portion of the urban/residential Quadra Island Recreation Society. These areas are the Missing Link, Eagle Ridge and Blind-man's Bluff. These areas, are located within the Missing Link Watershed and contain particularly significant viewscapes for our community and our guests.



    Recreation Areas 6 and 7



    Signage at Missing Link



    A section of the Quadra Island Trails Guide


    This trails guide brochure states in part:

    The Eagle Ridge Trail follows an old road to a wetland, (Missing Link Watershed) then after crossing a stream (cut block flagged) climbs steadily onto open bluffs with splendid views over Quadra and especially the wetlands below.” (Missing Link Watershed)

    These areas of the Missing Link Watershed are notably significant to the community.

    Note the Quadra Island Recreation Guide financial supporters (below). It might be suggested these supporters have both a personal, recreational as well as a livelihood/financial interest in the maintaining the of the area’s integrity.




    Quadra Island currently has the population that Campbell River had in the 1950s. An exponential increase in populations on Vancouver Islands and Quadra Island in the coming years will require our commitment to the protection and the enhancement of watershed health and recreational and tourism values.

    Comparable to the highly valued Beaver Lodge Lands adjacent to urban development in Campbell River are the Quadra Island community values associated with the Missing Link Watershed. These watersheds are unarguably a highly valued assets for both communities. Understandably Quadra Island residents do not want this resource as a legacy of desecration.

    The best interests of the Quadra Island Community require the foresight to initiate actions today to protect resources for future generations

    Our growing resident population are and will be directly impacted by resources extracted.

    Encroachment on the unique and sensitive bio-climatically zoned watershed certainly deserves our action to preserve the integrity of the area.

    Brought to the attention of recreational users of the area by the appearance and the placement of a proposed falling boundary blatantly underscores the inadequate regard for the future integrity of the Missing Link Wetland.

    The process of obtaining social licence to operate is currently running parallel to Mosaic’s failing attempt to apply technical adherence to government regulatory processes.

    Government regulatory process itself fails to fully address community concerns and interests.

    Further cutting within the Missing Link Watershed is unequivocally not in the best interests of our community as we loose or are left with a devalued resource. The very unstable state of the present world economy spotlights and underscores this natural resource as genuinely precious.

    Our Intention is to act in a manor honouring our grandest vision for the future of our local environment and our community. This initiative is a “local priority” of the Quadra Island Community

    As each stakeholder in this process is accountable to the Quadra Island Community and to all users, now and for future generations today presents an opportunity for more socially positive change involving accountability both individually and professionally.

    This initiative is brought forward with a vision to ensure and to enhance rather than degrade and devalue the Missing Link Watershed for both the immediate and the future generations.

    The focus of this initiative is to secure removal of the TimberWest portion of the Missing Link Watershed from any further timber harvesting.

    This initiative is not focused on arguing the adherence or non adherence to government regulatory process although we do have a full roster of related issues at hand. We wish instead to address the implementation of actions for the manifestation of our grandest vision for the future of our local environment and our community.



    Please Protect Your Resource”



    Portion of Missing Link Watershed in TimberWest TFL 47 (white tinted)


    The total area of the Missing Links watershed is 138 hectares.

    The area within the TimberWest TFL 47 portion of the watershed is approximately 85 hectares, or 61.6% of the 138-hectare watershed.

    This initiative is to address a global vision with foresight, integrity and accountability, both personally as well as professionally.

    Globally, humanity has in the past fallen short of acting with integrity. As Community (and you are included), we have this opportunity to visualize more globally while taking action locally.

    This initiative requires decisions that define both who we are and what we believe in and have an impact on our self-respect, our integrity, and ultimately our reputation.

    As one of Mosaic’s identified values is described as “Integrity: Respectful and honest in our relationships by always doing the right thing and holding ourselves to account”

    Intention, with integrity will provide an opportunity that Mosaic, TimberWest, is recognized as demonstrating leadership with integrity with the removing of the TimberWest portion of the Missing Links watershed from any approval as an available harvesting area within TimberWest TFL 47.

    Identifying that the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification endorses forest certification systems “developed collaboratively by diverse stakeholders, tailored to local priorities and conditions” the Missing Link Watershed is tailored to the priorities and conditions of the Quadra Island Community. This initiative presents an opportune occasion for recognition of a Mosaic, TimberWest Sustainable Forest Initiative to provide an important contribution addressing the unique needs and values of this British Columbia forest and community. Looking to the future this contribution will be of high value in the best interests of shareholders.

    Looking forward to your responses to this initiative

    We thank you, on behalf of Concerned Citizens of Quadra Island and Beyond

    Most sincerely,

    Jim Leishman





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    RE: July 17, 2020 Letter

    Dear Mr. Leishman,

    Thank you for expressing your concerns regarding the recently hung falling boundary adjacent the Eagle Ridge Trail on Quadra Island. As you noted, Mosaic and the companies it represents take pride in their respectful and honest relationship with the communities and associated groups they interact with. This has been demonstrated on Quadra Island through our ongoing commitment to follow through with the well-defined planning and communication process established over the last 20 plus years. This includes sharing all planned blocks with The Sierra Club, The Salmon Enhancement Society, The Quadra Island Cycling Coalition, The Quadra Island Trails Committee and any other immediate neighbors within the vicinity of where we plan to harvest. The process allows concerns expressed by the groups and individuals to be heard, and wherever possible and reasonable, incorporated into the plan or alteration thereof.

    The actual ribbon hanging, or block lay-out, is only one small part of what is in many cases a multi year iterative planning and consultation process before reaching harvest. In this case the harvest area in question is likely at least 2 or more years out in the current plan. Once ribbons are initially hung by field crews the block is reviewed by a Mosaic Area Planner, in this case me. The entire block is walked, potential issues are noted, and the required changes to rectify those issues are made. Issues pertaining to any values outside of the planner’s scope of expertise may also be referred specific professionals (ie. biologists, terrain specialists, engineers) should it be necessary. None of the blocks are shared until this is all completed, and a draft map and plan are compiled. To date none of the process above, beyond the initial lay-out, has taken place for this block. As such the information sharing process has not yet begun.

    It was noted that there are other new blocks within the accessible hiking areas on the Island. These too will require a thorough walk through which has yet to happen and are subject to change. To aid in the mid to long range planning process, blocks need to be established well in advance to allow ample time to work with our stakeholders and address potential issues.

    I hope this allays some of your immediate concerns. Nothing is final until it has undergone consultation and the block is placed under cutting permit. We are at early stages in the process and no where near this currently. I am happy to meet with you in the near future at a mutually agreeable time to further review your concerns.


    Chad Iverson, RPF
    Area Planner/Contract Manager Mosaic North Island Operation

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    Thanks for sharing your letter to TimberWest with the community, Jim. Logging in this area is again a concern since TimberWest/Mosaic has recently flagged potential logging near the Eagle Ridge Trail.

    One thing about TimberWest's planning/community engagement process that seems problematic is captured in this sentence of Chad Iverson's response: "None of the blocks are shared until this is all completed, and a draft map and plan are compiled."

    Wouldn't it be better if TimberWest sought out community input before they did any planning? As it is, they invest time and money before seeking input and are obviously going to be reluctant to ditch their investment in planning just because of a little community concern.

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