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  • (2024-01-17) Logging in Hyacinthe Creek watershed


    Dear Friend of Hyacinthe Creek,

    Mosaic intend to continue logging Hyacinthe Creek watershed based on the poor premises and invalid  conclusion in their watershed report. I have attached a copy of their report.

     Aaron Racher,  in charge of Mosaic Forestry in Campbell River, justifies Mosaic's decision by the "recommendations" in the report -this refers  to the  statement in the last point of the summary (p.16 of the report) which says:

    "Harvesting so as to limit the extent of over-recovered* stands that could reduce warm water flows such as by setting a minimum ECA at 5% annually."
    (ECA-equivalent clearcut area)

    However -
    (1) The studies referenced  in the report are all pertaining to much younger trees (1st decade -43 years old) but  Mosaic   prefer to log the lucrative older trees  usually 60  years  old and more  - these are  the   "over-recovered"*  trees referred to above that are slowing down their growth.
    (2) The increased water intake by these much younger trees (which could potentially trickle down into dry creeks) only  happens when it rains in the summer (June  to August incl.).  For the past 3 summers we have had a Level 5 drought -with NO summer rains on Quadra.
    (3) Furthermore, the hydrological engineer (Glynnis Horel) who produced this report (paid for by Mosaic) states "(the report) is based on the information available for the preparation of this report as of Nov 22. If changes occur to the condition of the watershed  or to the values in the watershed it may no longer apply."  (P.17)

    Well,  changes have and are occurring - besides   the counter-intuitive, disingenuous  idea in the report that   clearcutting  can  increase run-off to help the coho in the summer - our summer droughts  invalidate her report.

    Further logging will only accelerate the extinction path that the coho have been on at least since counting started in 1947 (3,350 coho in 1947 - 44 in 2022)

    Please email Aaron Racher (aaron.racher@mosaicforests.com) (and cc Domenico Iannidinardo, VP for  Mosaic Forestry,  domenico@mosaicforests.com) asking him  to save the ancient run of coho, and fundamentally  the Hyacinthe Creek eco-system, by stopping logging Hyacinthe Creek watershed.
    Maybe, mention that if Mosaic are  serious about helping save the coho run they will stop logging the watershed and  contribute  towards raising  the level of parts of Walcan Rd so the beavers can do what they have been doing for thousands of years -hold back water for the drier times.

    Thank you. 

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