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  • (2004) Order Establishing Provincial Non-Spatial Old Growth Objectives

    David Broadland

    Quadra Island, given Special Management Zone status back in 2000, was supposed to have landscape-level planning done as a “high priority.” Instead, successive district managers of the Campbell River office of the Ministry of Forests have avoided doing that planning. Such planning would have established legal, spatial old growth management areas (OGMAs).

    Because the Campbell River district managers have neglected to create a Quadra Landscape Unit plan, management of old-growth forests is subject to the 2004 Order Establishing Provincial Non-Spatial Old Growth Objectives. Which is to say, no real provisions for managing old-growth forest on Quadra have been created. Just intentions to get around to it one day.

    One of the unfortunate consequences of this untenable situation is that patches of old-growth forest in the TFL 47 portion of Quadra Island are being stripped of everything but the old trees. The result is that these “wildlife tree patches” are stripped of their ability to support biodiversity.

    By comparison, Western Forest Products is required to leave all trees in such patches in TFL 39 in the Sayward Landscape Unit. Why? Because the Sayward Landscape Unit has a completed Landscape Unit plan that requires such retention.

    Another unfortunate consequence is that no spatial inventory for old forest has been done for Quadra Island. While TimberWest has done some mapping of old forest, its map does not include all old forest. The Discovery Islands Forest Conservation Project is attempting to rectify that lack of reliable information using satellite imagery, drone photography and ground-truthing.

    It is our intention to help create public pressure on the Ministry of Forests to complete this long-promised planning.

    We include the provincial Order here for your information.

    (2004) Order Establishing Provincial Non-Spatial Old Growth Objectives.pdf

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