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  • Nixon Island, Nixon Rock, Nixon Cove

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    Origin of place name: 

    Nixon Island is near the northwest corner of Quadra Island, in Kanish Bay. The Encyclopedia of Raincoast Place Names states: "Paymaster Cdr Francis Robert Woodcock Nixon, from Victoria, was killed in Action April 30, 1941, aged 37. He was aboard the Nerissa, a former Red Cross Line passenger and cargo steamer that was owned by the Bermuda & West Indies Steamship Company and saw service during the war as an RCN troopship. En route from Halifax to England it was torpedoed by a U-boat off the coast of Ireland and sank in four minutes with the loss of 209 lives. Nixon is commemorated on the Halifax Memorial."

    Nixon Rock is just south of the island.

    A cove nearby on Quadra Island, southeast of Granite Point, has been referred to as "Nixon Cove" by local rock climbers, who note: "Nixon Cove is hard to miss with its beautiful overhanging, white granite leaning over the deep, dark water at the northwest end of Kanish Bay 50°16'29.78"N 125°22'38.73"W. Nixon Cove has potential for some very challenging climbing."






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