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  • Whiterock Pass Grove

    Lannie Keller

    The Discovery Islands Forest Conservation Project’s analysis of satellite imagery suggested a strong likelihood of old primary forest on the slope above the big cedar tree on Whiterock pass.

    A small party of Read and Maurelle Islanders confirmed this area of old primary forest on December 28, 2022. That included mapping a Douglas fir that measured 8.95 metres (29.4 feet) in circumference and 2.85 metres (9.4 feet) in diameter (below).

    This is the largest Douglas fir currently known by the project to exist on the Discovery Islands.



    The explorers who discovered the grove (from left): Johanna Paradis, Kai Sutherland, Jack Sutherland, Emily Keller, Ralph Keller (Photo by Lannie Keller)


    Below are just a few of the trees in the old forest above Whiterock Pass (all photos by Johanna Paradis)






















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  •   Return to the Discovery Islands primary forest survey page  


    The map below shows potential areas of old forest on Read Island. As these are confirmed, they will be added to the list above.

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