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  • Wolf Mountain Forest

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    Wolf Mountain lies on the south side of the pass between Newton Lake and Hummingbird Lake. The northwestern end of this high ridge is an area of primary forest on a steep slope. Part of the area is within Small Inlet Provincial Park. The rest is split between TimberWest’s TFL 47 and Okisollo Resources’ Woodlot 2031. Okisollo has mapped its portion of the forest—which is likely too steep to log in any case—as an area where harvest is to be “avoided.” TimberWest’s forest stewardship plan doesn’t reveal its intentions for this area.



    The old forest on TimberWests side of the mountain (outlined in green above) is on a steep slope.



    The side of Wolf Mountain in WL 2031; Newton Lake on right.



    Wolf Mountain from Okisollo Resources’ 2019 clearcut of old forest on the north side of Hummingbird Lake

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  • The map below is TimberWests account of forest by age class on Quadra Island. It doesnt indicate all of the old forest that has been confirmed by the Discovery Islands Forest Conservation Project, but most of the areas shown in brown are areas of old forest (>250 years).

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