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  • TimberWest estimate of age class distribution in SMZ 19 portion of TFL 47

    David Broadland

    In this letter from TimberWest forester Jennifer Peschke in 2022, she provided an age class distribution for an area of 7084 hectares of forest in Special Management Zone 19 (table at top of page 2, total of centre column). Presumably, this is the area in 2022 that TimberWest regards as the timber harvesting land base in SMZ 19.

    A 2012 estimate of the timber harvesting land base in TFL 47 on Quadra Island was done by Ecora Resources for a timber supply review that informed the Chief Forester’s AAC determination for TFL 47 in 2014. Ecora estimated the THLB in TFL 47 on Quadra Island—including that part of the northern peninsula not in SMZ 19—to be 7140 hectares. Of that, approximately 5500 would have been within SMZ 19.

    There is, therefore, significant disagreement (~1600 hectares) between Peschke’s estimate of the THLB in SMZ 19 and Ecora’s 2012 estimate. If anything, the area of TFL 47 shrank slightly between 2012 and 2022.

    Mosaic_Response to FSP comment 2022-03-16 signed copy.pdf

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