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  • Current economics related to use of Crown forest on Quadra Island

    Crown land on the Discovery Islands currently hosts a number of forest tenure agreements between the Ministry of Forests and private companies, First Nations, or community groups. In this section of the project we will explore the current economics of those arrangements: the volumes of timber being harvested, the stumpage they pay, the cost the companies are claiming against stumpage, the cost to the public purse to manage this resource, employment in the sector on the islands, and the benefits and costs that activity and those jobs create.

    On Quadra Island, TimberWest is the single largest operator. The entire northern peninsula north of Small Inlet Provincial Park and Octopus Islands Provincial Park, except for a few small pieces of private land, is used for timber extraction by TimberWest as part of its Tree Farm Licence (TFL) 47 agreement with the Ministry of Forests. Much of the area of Quadra Island south of Small Inlet-Waiatt Bay also falls into TFL 47.

    As well, there are 10 other forest tenure agreements on Quadra, all Woodlot Licences.

    For those wanting to know more about these aspects of how Quadra Island's forest is being used, the following links will be useful:

    TimberWest's Forest Stewardship Plan

    Woodlot Licence Forest Stewardship Plans for each woodlot licence

    Volume reported harvested and stumpage assessed on Quadra Island by each tenure holder, each year

    Expenses claimed by each tenure holder, each year




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