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  • Shellalligan Pass Trails

    To get to the Shellalligan Pass Trails that take you to Village Bay, drive north from Heriot Bay on Hyacinthe Bay Road. Go straight through the junction with Granite Bay Road. You are now on Village Bay Lakes Road. Drive east for 2.3 kilometres and turn right onto Valdes Road. Drive south for about 4 kilometres and watch for the Shellalligan Pass Trails sign on the left. Drive east for about 1.6 kilometres to the small parking lot at the head of the trail. This is the best starting point for the trail which will take you along the coast to Village Bay; see the light blue route in the map below. If you haven't done the trail before, this is the recommended choice.

    Alternatively, don't turn at Valdes Road and instead turn right at the next road on the right. This is the Village Bay Main logging road. Drive south about two kilometres, watching on the left for signage and Boletus Road. Turn left on Boletus until you see signage for the alternative trail through the forest to Village Bay.

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