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    Catalyst Paper’s pulp and paper mill at Crofton on Vancouver Island has an annual production capacity of  660,000 tonnes. To make that much pulp, the mill would use the equivalent of 3.76 million cubic metres cubic metres of logs. The forest carbon emissions associated with that volume are over 6.16 million tonnes of CO2-equivalent.


    Facility-based forest carbon loss estimates: Pulp and paper mills

     TO KEEP A PULP MILL RUNNING requires an immense amount of wood chips and sawdust, mainly by-products of sawmills, but often through pulping logs. Pulp and paper mills require extensive logging of forests close to the mill. That results in a large release of forest carbon in a radius around the mill that can be attributed to the operation of a given mill. Below we provide the approximate associated emissions for each mill that was operating in BC in 2018. The emissions are based on the mills’ annual production capacity as recorded by the forests ministry in its Major Mill Survey.

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