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  • Forest loss on Quadra Island

    There are 10 tenure holders operating on Crown land on the island. This project is currently assessing the rate of logging and mapping the areas within the Timber Harvesting Land Base that have significant non-timber values that, over the expected rotation period (60 years) of cuts in these areas may have greater value, both economic and non-economic, than timber harvesting alone.

    The image below shows the ministry of forests approved cutblocks since 2000, up to the end of 2018. The red squares indicate locations where logging has occurred since the ministry last updated its map. Cutblock areas were obtained from the ministry of forests database. You can view information for each cutback here: https://www.discoveryislandsmappingproject.ca/cutblocks-imap/




     The satellite image below shows the state of the forest up to about September 2020.



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