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  • Pacific sideband snail (Monadenia fidelis)



    The Pacific Sideband snail (Monadenia fidelis) is not uncommon on the Discovery Islands, but has an S4 (Yellow) rating provincially. E-fauna BC notes, "This species presumably feeds on fungi and plants. Animals readily ate a varied diet in captivity but diet was not correlated to shell colour (Roth 1980). In captivity, individuals of Monadenia fidelis flava reached adult size in 2.5—2.75 years and survived up to eight years (Walton 1963, 1970, as M. fidelis beryllica). Monadenia fidelis is a host of the parasitic ciliate protozoan Tetrahymena limacis (Warren, 1932) (Kozloff 1956). In B.C., the smallest shells have been found on open, seaside habitats, such as offshore islands and spits with no or minimal tree and shrub cover. The pale, yellow form is interspersed with normally coloured individuals, but generally quite rare, although at one locality on Pender Island, individuals with yellow shells are rather frequent."


    Please help us map the Pacific Sideband snail's distribution on the Discovery Islands. If you find one and have a camera or iphone with you, please photograph it and send us the image along with where and when you found it.

    For more information, see the Pacific Sideband snail page at E-fauna BC.

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