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  • Laurel Lake flora survey

    Visit Laurel Lake by turning at the gravel pit on Granite Bay Road onto a logging road that heads both southward and up the hillside (see the map below). Park anywhere along that road and walk southwest to the end of the clearcut. The logging road turns into an older logging road. Follow that, keeping to the right all the way to Laurel Lake. The road was clear of windfall and easy walking in 2018, although it's all uphill. The approximate 3-kilometre route to the lake is shown on the map below; allow about 90 minutes from the end of the clearcut to the lake, and about the same to return. Click on the yellow dots for photographs taken along the way.

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  • We have chosen Laurel Lake as one of our flora survey areas. Its remoteness makes it less likely to be disturbed by human activity for some time to come. Over time, we hope to catalogue all species of plants growing near the lake as part of our survey of biodiversity on the Discovery Islands.

    Here's a short video of what we found on our first visit to the lake. If you go there and take a camera or iphone, please share with us photographs of any flora or fauna you record there. We'll add species found to the gallery to the right as time goes on. 



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