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  • 269-year-old fir felled by thief


    Lower 20-foot section of old-growth Douglas fir that had been felled onto TimberWest's logging road in March 2019


    WHILE TIMBERWEST'S FOREST STEWARDSHIP PLAN requires that company to leave standing trees older that 250 years of age in Special Management Zone 19 (all of TFL 47 south of Small Inlet-Waiatt Bay), that restriction doesn't protect these trees from poachers. This tree was growing beside a road built so TimberWest could access cutblocks further up the road. At this time it's unknown to what extent poaching old-growth from Crown land is taking place on the Discovery Islands.

    This tree was 8.4 feet in circumference at the cut. The stump (below) measured 2.8 feet in diameter across its widest point. We counted 269 growth rings. Possible fire damage (a large pitch blister) occurred ~93 growth rings in from the last ring, timing that damage at around 1925. In 1925, a large forest fire affected a large area of Quadra Island.

    The roadside stump




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