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  • Lucky Jim Mine

    In the November 7, 1909 Victoria Daily Colonist, a bold title on a full page announced "GOLD TELLURIDES" above text that appeared to be a story about the Luck Jim Mine at "Granite Bay, Valdes Island."  It was, in fact, a shout-out for investors to participate in a scheme that was, based on records of the mine's subsequent production of gold, naively optimistic if not outright deceptive.

    The pitch to amateur investors was that two other world-famous gold-producing mines where gold tellurides had been found—Cripple Creek in the USA and Kalgoorlie in Australia—had each produced "THREE HUNDRED MILLION" in gold tellurides. Since gold tellurides had been found at Granite Bay, the advertisement implied, hefty dividends would soon be flowing to investors in the project.




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