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  • Main Lake Provincial Park routes and trails

    Project Staff


    Main Lake is the largest in the chain of lakes around which the park was created


    The best way to visit the park is by boat via the boat launch at Mine Lake. While there is a trail along the north shore of Mine Lake and a portage trail between Main Lake and Yeatman Bay, no other trails have been (officially) developed in the park. Clear Lake can be accessed by an active logging road, but that road has a steep hill on it that can only be safely driven by 4-wheel drive vehicles.

    BC Parks description:


    Main Lake Provincial Park on Quadra Island encompasses six lakes and protects a biologically diverse freshwater system that includes more than 72 bird species and 234 plant species. The park, which was established in 1997, offers significant wilderness recreation opportunities, including wilderness camping, canoeing, kayaking and hiking.

    Visitors to the park can see a variety of wildlife, including wolves, cougars, owls, bald eagles, hawks, osprey, peregrine falcons and wintering swans. The geography of the park is exceptional, with spectacular physical features such as narrow channels, limestone sinkholes, waterfalls and the close proximity of marine and fresh water ecosystems.

    The Main Lake chain of interconnected lakes forms the largest freshwater waterway in the Gulf and Discovery Islands. Main Lake, Village Bay Lake and Mine Lake are connected by narrow, shallow marshes navigable by canoes and dinghies only. Other lakes can be reached via rough, user-created portage routes.

    Established Date: April 30, 1996
    Park Size: 3,530 hectares


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