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  • Discovery Islands place names

    There is such a dearth of names for natural features like lakes, creeks and mountains on the Discovery Islands that it makes describing a place and how to get there difficult: "To get to What's-its-name Lake you cross that creek, you know, the one with the water in it, and climb No-name Mountain until you get to that bog that doesn't have water in it..."

    By not having many place names for significant natural features, there's little common knowledge about the interiors of these magnificent islands because most people don't know what's there or how to get there.

    So, to get around this problem, we've gathered on one map as many official place names as we could find. We have also added descriptive names to previously unnamed significant natural features so that we can start describing what's there and why you might want to go exploring.

    Quadra Island   Read Island   Cortes Island   Maurelle Island   Sonora Island   West Redonda Island   East Redonda Island

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