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    BC Conservation Data Centre observations on the Discovery Islands

    The BC CDC has mapped occurrences of listed species and the location of at-risk ecological communities throughout most of BC. In the case of listed species, these are often observations recorded by scientists and citizen scientists. The occurrence of at-risk ecological communities is based on satellite image interpretation (sometimes confirmed by field visits), and/or field observations. 

    In the map below, use the + or - buttons to zoom in and out. You can pan around the map by clicking on it and and dragging. Click on any area outlined in orange in the map below to see the red- or blue-listed ecosystem or species the BC CDC have recorded. Occurrences of single species are sometimes mapped as small points that can only be seen when zoomed into the map. When the CDC maps an observation, or has indicated the likelihood of an at-risk ecological community, it creates a report. To see the reports associated with the CDC's maps for the Discovery Islands, click on any red dot on the map below (this is a work in progress).  

    The project will pass on to the CDC any observations of at risk-species or ecological communities on the Discovery Islands if they are accompanied by a photograph and GPS coordinates. Share your observations by contacting us.

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