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  • Record an animal that you observed on Read Island

    This project is cataloguing all species of plants, fungi and animals native to the Discovery Islands area. Your help is appreciated.

    If you photograph an animal that does not already appear in the gallery above, please submit it for our survey. You can send it to us using the "Send a photo" button on the menu above.

    Please include a description of where you took the photo. If your camera records GPS coordinates for each photo, that's all we need.

    We will add your observation to the gallery above and to the map below. You can also comment about any species in the gallery above and add your own photos.

    To see what has been mapped at any blue square in the map below, hover your cursor over it (this only works for devices that have cursors).

    To a see a photograph and other information about that animal, click on the blue square.

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