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  • Old Growth Strategic Review Technical Advisory Panel mapping of “Old-Growth Forest” (Map 8), 2021

    According to TAP, this map “provides context for the deferral maps, showing all forest identified in provincial forest inventory as old growth (older than 250 years in ecosystems with rare or infrequent stand-replacing disturbance and older than 140 years in ecosystems with higher stand-replacing disturbance rates). It highlights relative tree size, as described by tree height and diameter, by dividing old growth within each ecosystem into five equal size classes. The area of forest in each size class varies because there are more small and medium-sized trees than large trees. See inset graph showing area by class. The map provides additional context by discriminating between younger stands initiated by logging and those initiated by natural disturbance.”

    The inset graph” below explains the colour-coding of the map.




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