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  • Remnant Old Ecosystems as mapped by the Strategic Oldgrowth Review's Technical Advisory Panel (2021)

    Mapping of remnant ecosystems is described by TAP as follows:

    “If an ecosystem has been heavily harvested and very little old growth remains, these remnant areas are, by definition, rare. We mapped remnant old growth in ecosystems with less than 10 percent old remaining, in total and within a landscape unit. Remnant old ecosystems are included in the Priority Deferral Map.

    “This map shows old forest remaining in ecosystems where less than 10 percent of the total forested area is mapped as old today, defined as older than 250 years in ecosystems with rare stand-replacing disturbance and older than 140 years more frequently disturbed ecosystems. The map highlights BEC variants where less than 10 percent of the forest is old, and where geographic areas within these ecosystems (described by landscape units) have less than 10 percent old forest. Remnant old patches are frequently small and fragmented.”

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