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  • Ancient Forest (>400 years of age)

    As mapped by the Old Growth Strategic Review Technical Advisory Panel. TAP defined “ancient forest” as:

    This category includes forests that have developed without a stand-replacing disturbance for many centuries or millennia. We mapped forest identified as over 400 years old in ecosystems with rare stand-replacing disturbance and over 250 years with more frequent disturbance.

    This map shows the forests described in provincial forest inventory data as ancient, defined as older than 400 years (for ecosystems with rare stand-replacing disturbance) and older than 250 years (for ecosystems with higher stand-replacing disturbance rates).”

    Only two “ancient” groves have been identified by OGSR TAP mapping (on Read Island and on West Redonda Island), but this project has found several on Quadra Island alone and there are likely more on other islands that need to be identified to be protected.

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