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  • Old Growth Strategic Review Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) mapping of Big Treed Old Growth

    TAP describes “Big Treed Old-growth” as follows:  “This map shows the remaining old forest with the largest trees in each ecosystem, as described by tree height and diameter. For each ecosystem, the map shows the greater of the biggest remaining old forest up to 10% of the forested area, or up to 30% of the naturally expected amount of old, reflecting ecological variability in the natural historic distribution of old forest. Research shows that when 30% or less of the historic distribution of an ecosystem remains, risk to biodiversity and ecosystem function is high—so this map shows the area of old forest needed to ensure that risk does not cross the high-risk threshold. Many big-treed ecosystems have less than 10%, and some have less than 1%, of the historic distribution of old growth. In these cases, the map also shows the biggest older mature forest to reach the target amount, if possible.”

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